NRDA & Club Racing Update

Morning All,

Following on a successful third round of Natal Champs down at Banana County, please find herewith (for your reading pleasure..! :) a copy of the current points for the year. Gloating not necessary, but with the final round on home turf in early November, Team DMCC will line up a last onslaught to wrap the season up.

Speaking of the final round on the weekend of 2nd November, the prize giving for the year will take place after the event’s own prize giving, as will the AGM and the Rules Meeting (the meetings being for NRDA Committee) so that those that travel need not travel again later in the year. Member’s input to the rules meeting must be via the attached ‘Rules Proposal’ form sent to the club rep (yep that’s me) as well as any other comments or inputs you might feel need to be made at the AGM.

In the break between now and the next round, let’s talk club racing. There is a small error on the calendar that everyone has, regarding this month’s DMCC club race. The official combined Gas & Electric club race is next weekend, 31st August, in line with our ‘last sunday of the month routine. That said, there’s talk of a couple guys heading trackside this sunday 24th for a friendly shakedown and some bus-running, the more the merrier and all welcome for that too.

There are also two further deviations from the usual coming up, but these are correctly entered in the calendar;

  • Camperdown’s club race will be the first weekend in September instead of the usual second to make way for the Electric Nationals up in Middelburg, so 7th September the battle of Bridge vs Tree resumes up the hill under the tree, see you all there.
  • DMCC’s next club race is a week earlier than normal, this being to make way for an away Gas National, so see you all trackside again on the 21st September.

    So that’s a wrap then, which I will also post on the website.

    Seeyas Trackside


    NRDA 2015 Rule Proposal Form