NRDA Round 3 Race Report


Round three was meant to be in Margate this year, but due to the lack of numbers from that part of the world, Camperdown was the place to be. Cmcc has just had a major makeover and with new bits of track added, there was sure to be some good lap times around. There were lower numbers then usual, but the quality of drivers was very impressive. Some upsets were also seen earlier in the heats, with a lot of us trying to snoop to see where all the extra pace had come from. Some serious burning of the midnight oil I suspect, and a bit of spare cash.

Let’s go racing.


12 of these cars, the idea was not to be at the back.


And along came the ringers. Oliver Wills pulled into Camperdown with an all new lifestyle, gone was the BMW, gone were all the old (?) cars, new Hyundai hatch with three Hudy bags and then, a whole fleet of new X Ray cars running Orca systems, man, I’ve never seen so many jaws drop open.

Oliver was here to play and took the first heat of openstock with a 15 lapper followed by Mike Crooke and ever improving Brett Pechey, third. All six running in this race completed 15 laps, so Oliver wasn’t going to have it all his own way.


All six, again, running 15 lappers, with Oliver taking the win, from Brett and Mike. Oliver, going one second quicker in this race over the five minutes. How would they fair against all the big boys?


The man that casts no shadow, Hennie Warricker, never stops working on his cars, and many others, out the gate fast, posting a 16 lapper followed by Francois Erasmus and Christo Meintjies.. Names missing in this heat, Peter Orchin and Quintin Robertson. Peter finished fourth and Quintin fifth, but down on the pace.


Hennie again, but this time the boys were wise to him, Quintin finishing 0.25 of a second behind, that’s like a bodyclip, and Peter a bit further down the track, third. Mains were going to be tight.


Someone needed the result sheet from the first final more then I did, so here’s the second one.

A tightly contested affair, with Quintin and Hennie covered by the narrowest margin. The race went down to the wire with Quintin winning and punching in a 17 lapper, Francois finished a lap down in third. I may be mistaken, but I think Peter Orchin was faster then Francois in the first final, and so took 3rd overall for the day.

To show that the tight Camperdown track is not a horsepower track, Quintin’s 17 lapper, would have had him qualify 5th in GT Mod, that’s some going.

This class still gives one of the best races of the day and long may it continue, maybe without the ringers involved.


The bash and crash brigade, was I ever wrong, these guys raced clean most of the day, with very few incidents.


Brett Peachy owns this class at present, the only one to punch in a 16 lapper. Ian Steward finished in 2nd, with young James Orchin 3rd. Unfortunately for James this was going to be as fast as he went all day, as the gremlins got into the motor and poor James, although driving the car as fast as it would go, went backwards.


Brett again, and then surprise of surprises, Pa, Clive Pechey, finishing 2nd, and Dieter Schauerte a fighting third. Why surprises, Oom Clive wasn’t going to race because he didn’t think he was good enough. I’m sure we’ll see him at every Natals from now on.


Brett gone, took the trophy, and was sitting back in the pit area waiting for second place to finish, not quite, but lapping the whole field in the process. Dieter, a good second with a struggling, James, 3rd.


Brett, not letting up, punched a 16 lapper in to show who was the boss, with Ian Steward having a good drive to second and, the Oom, Clive hanging in to take 3rd.

Overall then, Brett from Ian and Clive, must have been a good party in Hillcrest Sunday night!


The new crowd of crash and burn kids. These cars are so evenly matched, that to keep them apart, is nigh on impossible, and with the tight track, keeping out of trouble was going to be prime.


Shane Kok, Hennie Warricker and myself, have fought long and hard this year, and thought that’s where the fight was going to be. Wrong, along came Oliver in one of his new fleet and smoked the guys something stupid. Another newcomer to the 17.5 brigade, Brad VD Berg, although not new to electric racing, was also in the mix, finishing a good 3rd behind Shane.


Shane having to play second fiddle again, as Brad was quickest this time with Hennie crossing in 3rd.

These cars are almost the fastest cars around Camperdown with lap times in the mid 17’s. Fastest was Oliver with a 17.5, myself in 5th, with a 17.8, that’s like F1 qualifying.


Final one was taken by Brad from Shane and myself. Brad and Shane went at it hammer and tongs, and at the end were covered by less then a second, a great race, could Shane turn the tables?

Final two was just as close, but this time there wee three, Hennie joined the party. The racing was fast and at times furious, and again, the top guys were split by mere body paint. Shane won from Hennie by a huge 0.09 of a second, Brad coming home 3rd. The top five cars were split by ten seconds and the fastest lap was from Oliver in 4th place with a scary 17.28., only Deon Gove and Roberto Falconer went faster in mod.

Great racing and let’s hope the class keeps growing.



Deon Gove is streets ahead of the guys in this class with a beautifully prepared F1. The car doesn’t miss a beat as was shown by Deon being two laps ahead of the field in the first heat. Francois Erasmus, is coming to grips with his new X Ray as well and took a good second with, ”Chief amongst Chief Scrutineers”, Graeme Ross, third, after quite a long absence from racing.

Much of a much ness in the second heat, but this time, Francois keeping Deon honest, also posting a 15 lapper with Mr. F1, Gordon Neil, in another one of his fleet, third.


Deon going faster, seemed to be the way he spent his day on Sunday, posting a 16 lapper with Francois a lap down in 2nd and Gordon in third.

Final 2, Something wrong with Deon, going 3 seconds slower in this race, still in the 16’s though, Francois 2nd again, and Gordon 3rd. Graeme Ross, having a very poor day by his standards, has vowed to be back, so watch this space.


Nine cars entered, the fast boys in town. I’m sure Deon Gove must hold the lap record around Camperdown now, he blitzed around the track in an incredible 16.85 seconds to totally dominate the superstock class. A full one second slower was Brad VD Berg in 2nd and Oliver, in another new car, third.

Deon, not letting up, went faster still to put in a 16.5 lap. Second went to Peter Plint with Oliver third.


Deon in cruise mode, took the win from a hard charging Peter Orchin with Oliver again, 3rd. Peter Orchin had one of those days we all would rather forget, as one car after another broke on him, but he put the hardship behind him with a great drive from the back of the field to clinch second.

Second final went Deon’s way again, putting in another 16.6 second lap along the way, 2nd to Oliver, capping off a good day with his fleet and 3rd to Derek Noddings. Peter Orchin, 4 laps, car broken, GRRRRR.

Overall, Deon from Oliver and Peter O 3rd.


A welcome return to racing was Garth Scott from Banana County, luckily he had bumped into Shane and had been told about Natals.


Garth showing the guys he’s lost nothing won from Quintin Robertson in his impressive Datsun GX, with the only lady in the field, Julia Schauerte, third.


Quintin doesn’t like getting beaten, so posted a 16 lapper to put everyone in their place. Second went to the “Pensioner”, Dave Greer, with Garth in third this time around. Mutterings were heard from the old geezer about summertime and being able to get his cranky old body outdoors and loosen up the old joints. Maybe next time he can take the walker along, and bring the other old buzzard.


Quintin, up and gone, wasn’t in the mood to rub paint, posted a 16 lapper again with Garth getting up to second and Dave third.

Garth, not about to lie down, pulled out all the stops and put in his fastest run of the day, posting a 16 lapper, with Quintin in second and Julia third. Dave must have heard the dinner bell at the home, so didn’t finish the second final, but took off, sighting a whole lot of excuses.

1/10TH PAN.

Shane Kok country, if you want to win this class, he is the man to beat.


Shane, a lap ahead of the field, took the win followed by an ever improving Christo Meintjies, with Garth Scott third.


Shane again, this time with Garth second and Christo third.


A good 8 car entry, saw Shane take the win from Garth and Brett Pechey, trying his hand at two wheel drive. Garth closing the gap on Shane, was only 1.7 seconds behind at the finish. Could Garth put one over Shane?

Shane is another that doesn’t like to get beaten, so he pulled the pin and punched in a 17 lapper, followed a lap down by Garth and Brett.

1/12TH PAN.

A small field, but lovely cars to drive when they’re working.


Another Shane Kok owned class. Shane took the heat from first timer, Roberto Falconer, with Derek Noddings third, all three doing 15 lappers.


A turn up for the books, Peter Plint finally, got his car to run properly and put in a 16 lapper with Roberto 2nd and Derek, again, 3rd. Shane out with mechanical gremlins.


Surprise, surprise, Shane loses for the first time in awhile, Peter kept his pace from the heats to take the win followed by Derek and then Shane. Was Shane beatable?

The answer, no, Shane came back with a great run in the last final to post the quickest time, with Derek, again the bridesmaid, 2nd and myself 3rd, after a hectic day with tires.

Overall, the win went to Shane with Peter 2nd and Derek third.


Mr. Gove doing what he does best, going fast.


Deon not waiting around pulverized the field putting in 18 laps and posting a 16.3 second lap, second went to Roberto and third to myself.


Deon going a bit slower, 16.6, Roberto and myself, fighting over the scraps.


Deon running consistently quickly, put in another 18 lapper, this time Roberto joining him and Quintin, who was only making up numbers, third. A good drive from Quintin as he has only driven the car once around Cmcc.

Final 2, and Deon proving a point, put in a 19 lapper. That’s going to give a lot of people sleepless nights, Second to Roberto and third to yours truly.

Final results were Deon, Roberto and myself.

And that’s that, a great days racing, driver of the day, in my book anyway, must be Deon. All the hours he’s spent this year racing is paying off in leaps and bounds now, may he still go faster.

Now to some not so good stuff. Guys we had marshals there so you didn’t have to spend the day in the sun. A lot of you run four classes, so in ten heats you would only sit down twice. The whole idea in this sport we do is not to crash, shit happens unfortunately, and we do need a marshal. Please be reminded, these guys are getting paid more and more, not yesterday’s, but like the Dmcc marshals, and if you’re going to carry on moaning about them, then we go back to the good old days and you race one and marshal one. All the clubs would save money, and everyone could go home looking like a tomato, it is up to you, don’t crash, you won’t have to moan.

Finally, on an even more somber note, I would just like to send thoughts and prayers to all the people in our racing fraternity that are going through rough times at the moment. To those members I say, do not forget you have a lot of friends around you, we all wish we could help and in some way I hope we can, keep your chins up.


Until the next time,

Keep it on the black stuff,